How to receive emails with Vercel’s custom domain?

How to receive emails with Vercel’s custom domain?

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I was working on a personal project which was deployed with Vercel and I wanted to have a support email for my users. This blog will show you step-by-step how I managed to create one.

Vercel, by itself, does not support email services. That is why in this tutorial we are going to use a third-party service called To begin with, this tutorial makes sure you already have your custom domain setup on Vercel.

Setting Up ForwardEmail

Navigate to and input your custom domain and your existing email address which you want to forward your custom domain email.

FordwardEmail Setup

After submitting your domain and email, forwarding is not set up yet. To complete the setup, click Setup in the Quick Links column, you will see your MX records inside the table which you will need in the next part of this tutorial.

Setting Up Vercel

Now that you know your MX records, you can now navigate to Vercel dashboard to set it up. Proceed to Settings → Domains and choose the custom domain you want your email to be based on.

Under DNS Records, add the following records:

Vercel DNS Records

After adding the three DNS records, navigate back to ForwardEmail and click Verify Records. You should see the following prompt:

ForwardEmail Verification Status


Now that you’ve successfully connected your custom domain with ForwardEmail, you can now test it by sending an email to You should be able to receive the message in your email provider’s inbox folder.