How to generate an NFT collection and make a minting website in under 10 minutes (No Code Required)

How to generate an NFT collection and make a minting website in under 10 minutes (No Code Required)

with thirdweb and nfthost


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Introduction ๐Ÿ‘‹

Hello everyone, I'm Stephen Asuncion, a 20 y/o developer. In this article, I am going to show you how I generated an NFT collection and make a mint website for it in under 10 minutes. Full Tutorial Video:

What is thirdweb?

Thirdweb is a platform where you can build web3 apps easily. They allow users to create their own NFTs, marketplaces, crypto currency and more.

What is nfthost?

Nfthost is a website where you can host your nft mint website and generate your nft collections. It is made by me and I would like to invite everyone to contribute because I made it open source. PS: I just started getting into fullstack web development sooo the code is a bit messy :)

Before you start, make sure you have your assets ready for your collection.

Installing Metamask Wallet

I'm not going in-depth with this but if you're using google chrome, go Download Metamask Wallet Extension


Thirdweb - Creating a project


Go to Decide whether you want to deploy your collection to a mainnet or a testnet (In this tutorial, I'm going to deploy my collection to a testnet)

Click Go to dashboard -> Create Project -> Pick your network -> Choose a name and a description for your project

You will be prompted 1 metamask transaction, and you will be charged when you click confirm.

Thirdweb - Creating a module


Click Add Module -> NFT Drop -> fill in all the required fields -> Deploy NFT Drop Module

You will be prompted 2 metamask transactions, and you will be charged when you click confirm.

Fill in all the required fields -> Confirm Configuration

Don't do anything, just add a new tab and go to NFT Host's website.

NFTHost - Generating an NFT


Go to Switch your network to Ethereum Mainnet.

Click Get Started or Go to console -> Connect to a Wallet -> Metamask (Click sign) Go to Dashboard -> Click the 2nd application -> Generate your collection

Generator tutorial:

Once you generate your collection, click Download and Get CSV File. Extract NFT and put NFT Host.csv inside the images folder.

Thirdweb - Bulk create NFT collection


Go back to thirdweb, go to your drop module and click overview. Click Bulk Create -> drag the images folder in the gray container that says "Drag & Drop files or folders here..."

Verify your collection, click Bulk Create drops, and copy your embed code from Embed tab.

NFTHost - Creating a mint website


Go back to NFT Host -> Go to Dashboard -> Click 1st application -> Click Add Site -> Fill in all the required fields -> Click Create -> Go to your website link


You're done :) Thanks!!

Full Tutorial Video: